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History & Culture in one place

A varied cultural experience

The town of Leffrinckoucke, with the Fort des Dunes museum, offers a dynamic and diverse cultural experience all year round. This unique venue hosts a rich program of cultural events and contributes to the cultural vitality of the Dunkirk area.

Here’s a look at some of the cultural highlights at Fort des Dunes.

Year-round activities and entertainment

Key events at Fort des Dunes

Hogwarts Experience

In February, the “Hogwarts Experience” transports budding wizards into the world of the famous saga. This event offers a fun and educational immersion for all fans of these literary imaginations!

You can find out more about the 2024 edition of the “Hogwarts Experience” (past) on the calendar page.

Hide & Seek Festival

The month of May is marked by the “Cache-cache” festival, a unique street arts festival dedicated to young audiences. The fort is transformed into a creative playground for the enjoyment of young and old alike. The event is co-produced with the Agitateurs Publics collective. It’s a popular cultural event that shines throughout the Dunkirk area!

Learn more:

Fear in the Fort

In October, Halloween takes on a new dimension with “Fear on the Fort”, a spooky celebration that transforms the museum into a chilling place. Ideal for fans of mysterious thrills!

Find out more: page of the 2024 edition of “Fear on the Fort”.

Christmas market at the Fort

In December, the fort is decked out in lights for the Christmas market, which delights numerous visitors every year. With its festive stalls, decorations and warm atmosphere, the magic of Christmas takes hold of the place. Local artisans offer unique, hand-crafted products, and live music is featured throughout the event.

Fortified Spaces Days

The Fort des Dunes museum also takes part in major cultural events throughout the year. The “Fortified Spaces Days” in April offer an in-depth exploration of the fort, providing an insight into the historical and architectural aspects of this emblematic site.

Find out more: page of the 2024 edition on the Fortified Spaces Days.

The night of the Musérial

The “Nuit du Musérial” in June transforms the museum into a mystical place after sunset, offering visitors a unique nocturnal experience with an ambitious fire show.

Visit our agenda page on Musérial Night!

Unusual and nocturnal summer tours

During the summer season, Wednesdays are devoted to nocturnal and unusual tours. Check the calendar of concerts and events so you don’t miss anything!

European Heritage Days

European Heritage Days are also a great opportunity to explore the museum and discover the hidden treasures of this historic site. A moment not to be missed!

We also invite you to visit the other places and museums in Dunkirk and the surrounding area which offer special visits on this occasion.

The European Heritage Days take place over a weekend in September each year: more information on the 2024 agenda for the European Heritage Days!

Organiser un ANNIVERSAIRE au Fort

Programming for all ages

Culture, history & arts

The programming, through its diversity, tests to the ongoing commitment of Leffrinckoucke and the Musée du Fort des Dunes to offering an enriching and memorable cultural experience for all ages. Thus, the Fort constitutes a major place among the museums of Dunkirk and the cultural spaces of the territory.

Museum and Memorial

Visit a military fort
in the heart of the Dunes

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