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A historic theater with 60 seats

The ZUM Theater, New Zone of Modern Utopias

The ZUM theater, recently inaugurated, constitutes a new addition to the Dunkirk cultural landscape. This performance hall is under the management of the city of Leffrinckoucke and offers a diverse program covering a wide range of arts and artistic disciplines, thus demonstrating its commitment to ambitious cultural projects.

A room with a special history

A theater in a fort?

A theater during the occupation

Originally, during the German occupation, a mural with the inscription “Zum theater” was drawn near the entrance to the former powder magazine, literally meaning “towards the theater”. Using the letters and sounds “ZUM”, this inscription was reinterpreted to symbolize a form of rupture while drawing inspiration from the place.

Thus, “ZUM theater” became “the Zone of Modern Utopias”. This transformation of the name aimed to mark a clear distinction with the past, while opening the place to utopian, modern and humanist artistic proposals, thus contributing to promoting peace through cultural action. The town of Leffrinckoucke renovated this place in 2023 and managed the programming.

A restored futuristic fresco

Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” is a masterpiece of German cinema, produced in 1927. This silent, expressionist film presents a futuristic, dystopian vision of a megalopolis divided between a privileged elite living in luxurious skyscrapers and an exploited working class working in desperate conditions underground.

The fresco present in the theater was made by the German occupiers and was reproduced identically during the renovation of the place in 2023.

La salle rénovée du théâtre au Fort des Dunes, devenu le ZUM Théâtre

Coming soon...

The 2024-2025 program will be revealed in June!

Stay tuned, we will soon publish the programming for the ZUM Théâtre!

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