Photo aérienne de la Cour principale, de l'entrée et des espaces extérieurs du Fort des Dunes

An exceptional outdoor site

In the heart of the Dunes of Flanders

The Fort des Dunes is located in a remarkable natural area, hidden in the dunes of Flanders and a few hundred meters from the North Sea. This exceptional space lends itself particularly well to photography.

We would like to thank the association of Espaces Fortifies des Hauts de France for their contribution to several of the very beautiful photos of the site. We invite you to discover all the images below.

Museum and Memorial

Visit a military fort
in the heart of the Dunes

Discover also

Une muséographie pour comprendre le rôle du Fort dans son contexte historique et géographique

The history of the Fort

150 years of history, two wars and Operation Dynamo before your eyes.

Organiser un ANNIVERSAIRE au Fort

The Museum nowadays

A place for cultural events, remembrance and varied activities.

L'exposition permanente au Musée du Fort des Dunes à Leffrinckoucke-Dunkerque

The new scenography

A renovated space with 600m² of permanent exhibition space

Visit the Museum

A unique fortified site on the edge of a remarkable dune area.