Vue aérienne du Fort des Dunes à Leffrinckoucke à proximité de la Mer du Nord

At the heart of the future Grand Site des dunes de Flandre

The Fort des Dunes de Leffrinckoucke is at the heart of an ambitious project to preserve and enhance the exceptional natural wealth of the Dunkirk area, and is a key element of the future Grand Site des Dunes de Flandre. This project, which is part of the Grand Site de France certification process, demonstrates our commitment to preserving these unique and fragile landscapes for future generations.

The coastline stretching from Dunkirk to Bray-Dunes has long been recognized for its natural beauty and ecological diversity. Aware of this inestimable value, the region decided to join the Grands Sites de France network in 2012. This decision was followed by approval from the Ministry for the Environment to launch an Opération Grand Site (OGS) in the Dunes de Flandre area, marking the start of a major initiative.

The Fort des Dunes in Leffrinckoucke, a true historical gem, is at the heart of this approach. Erected in the early 20th century to protect the coast from invasion, this site steeped in history bears witness to the past, but is also a strategic point from which to observe the natural heritage. It offers an exceptional viewpoint and a privileged setting for sustainable tourism and environmental awareness-raising.

In addition to its historical importance, the Fort des Dunes de Leffrinckoucke offers an exceptional setting for discovering the local flora and fauna. Nestled in the heart of a fragile ecosystem, it is a privileged observatory for understanding the challenges of biodiversity and the preservation of natural habitats.

The Fort des Dunes de Leffrinckoucke perfectly embodies the vision of the future Grand Site des Dunes de Flandre: a preserved place where nature and culture meet to offer visitors a unique experience.

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